On June 20th 1919, Robert Dorough, Special Representative of Governor Reed of Beaumont, sent this letter to the Secretary of the International Association of Rotary Clubs in Chicago.
Dear Sir:
          Herewith I have the honor of transmitting for the consideration of the board of directors of The  International Association of Rotary Clubs, the application for membership from the Rotary Club of Marshall, Texas.
          This club was instituted on the 10th day of June, 1919, by Robert P. Dorough, of Texarkana.
          The history of the organization of the club is as follows:
Marshall, being only 60 miles from Texarkana, and knowing a large number of the business men of that city, I recognized that if I could interest the right men, it would support a real Rotary Club.
Having been associated with Ike Hockwald in other matters, I had no trouble in securing his consent to take charge of the preliminary details. District Governor Reed, of Beaumont, appointed me as his Special Representative.  The club would have been organized earlier, but war work and allied matters occupied all our time in the latter months of 1918, and from January to the last part of May, 1919, I was engaged in discharging my duties as State Senator. The club has a live bunch of boosters, and I am sure Marshall will reflect credit upon Rotary.
          The club has adopted the standard Constitution prescribed by the Association for local clubs.
          The club has a satisfactory  charter list of members as is indicated by the list attached to its application.
          This club has duly elected its members.
          I recommend the election of this club as an affiliating Rotary Club.
Respectfully submitted,
R. P.  Dorough, Special Representative
Robert E. Vinson, District Governor, District No. 18
June, 20, 1919