Centennial Back-Flash #2-2
100% Attendance Comes At A Cost
Lansing Irvine was Chairman of the “Entertainment Committee” for charter president Ike Hockwald.  Since he was the very first chairman of this committee he had to come up with some novel thoughts on just what would entertain this bunch of middle-aged businessmen but had to look no farther than his mischievous childhood for inspiration.  He just treated them like children.
He was always looking for ways to improve the attendance even capitalizing on wagers to win the District “100%” attendance award.  His Entertainment Committee Chairman was “Andy” Anderson, an overgrown child himself, conceived a scheme/wager to have a 100% meeting August 11th, and a letter went out to that effect on the 10th. 
On the day of the meeting, it was learned that one of the members was sick in bed.  Andy promptly got permission from his physician to bring him to the meeting and hired a taxi and sent two Rotarians to his house to pick him up and bring him to the meeting room, among prolonged cheering.  The loser, Frank Davis happily paid the $50 to Andy, and everyone cheered Frank as well.
But that is not the “end of the story”.  You have to be at next week’s meeting to hear Jay Web reveal what was in the letter that made it so effective.
See you there!
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