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(Reproduced from original "copy" furnished by Rotary International)  
To the secretary of the International Association of Rotary Clubs,910 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill, U.S.A. (Via District Governor's Office.)
The following have been duly elected to and have accepted membership in the Rotary Club of Marshall, Texas:
  • Alexander, F.A. "Moving Pictures, Theatre" Proprietor, Elk Theatre. 512 N. Washington Ave. Res. 508 N. Boliver St.
  • Carter, August G. "Wholesale Produce" Partner , Alexander Com. Co. N. Washington Ave. Res. 308 Railroad Ave.
  • Hon. T.W. Davidson, "Attorneys at Law" Partner, Davidson & Blalock Austin, St. Res. Elm St.
  • Davis, Frank "Grain Elevator" President, Marshall Mill & Elevator Co. On T.P. R.R Track Res. 501 E.Austin St.
  • Daniels, Ray "Ready-to-wear Retail" Manager, Perkins's Bros Co. E. Court Sq. & E. Houston Ave. c/o Hotel Marshall.
  • Fry, E.J. "Capitalist," First National Bank Res. 304 W. Austin St.
  • Hall, Clarence "Gas" Manager, Marshall Gas Co. N. Boliver St. Res. 904 W. Burleson St.
  • Hirsch, Joe "Retail Dry Goods" Manager, Joe Weisman & Co, 511-517 N. Washington Ave. Res. 307 S.Washington Ave.
  • Hockwald, I. "R.R.Supplies, Retail" L. Kahn R.R. Supplies North Court Square, Res. 113 W. Grand Ave.
  • Irvine, L.H. "Retail Drug" Manager, Fry-Hodge Drug Co. North Court Square, Res. 304 W. Austin St.
  • Keifer, Jno. "Hotel" Proprietor, Hotel Marshall E. Court Square & Houston Ave. Res. Hotel Marshall.
  • Littlejohn, R.P. "Insurance" E. Austin St. Res. 514 W. Burleson St.
  • Mahone, E.W. "Saddlery & Buggies, Retail" Proprietor , Mahone-Keiley Saddlery Co. W. Court Square Res. W. Houston Ave.
  • Price, M.M. "Printer" Proprietor, Price's Print Ship N. Boliver St. Res. S. Laffayette St.
  • Pitts, W.L. "Baskets Mnfr." Secretary, Marshall Manufacturing, Co. M. & E.T. Tracks Res. 106 Adkins St.
  • Pelz, H. E. "(Retail Jeweler" Manager, Matthewson-Pelz Jewelry Co. N. Court Square Res. E. Austin St.
  • Pierce, Will "Banker" Cashier, Marshall National Bank E. Austin St. Res. 408 W. Austin, St.
  • Pierpont, C.W. "Clothing, Retail" President, Pierpont-Schendle Co. E. Court Square. Res. 1107 N. Franklin St.
  • Rogers, Web "Retail Grocer" W. Austin St. Res. Allen Flats. Sargent, Dr. C.S. "Rector" Episcopal Church. S. Border St. (Clergyman) Res. 401 W. Houston Ave.
  • Steadman, G.P. "Broker, Grain" E. Houston Ave. Res. 405 W. Grand Ave.
  • Schulle, Fred "Furniture, Retail" Manager, Swann Furniture Co. N. Washington Ave. Res. 402 W. Burleson St.
  • Wilson, H.O. "Automobiles" Manager, Wilson-Overland Co. Laffayette & E. Houston Res. 509 E. Houston Ave.
  • Wilson, E.B. "Whlse. Grocery" Manager, East Texas Wholesale Grocery Co. S. Court Square Res. 308 E. Austin St.
  • Whaley, P.G. "Retail Hardware" Partner, Logan & Whaley E. Austin ST. Res. 322 N.Washington Ave.
Marshall Rotary Early Members Large
This picture was taken in 1936 or 1937 in front of the Hotel Marshall