Posted by Jim Fitzgerald
I would like to share an article from the "Marshall Morning News", December 25, 1921, written by the then-president of the Marshall Rotary Club, Frank Davis.  Frank was to become the District Governor in 1931-32 of District 48, which included the Eastern half of the entire state of Texas at the time, and eventually became District 5830, which now includes the Northwestern part of Texas, several Counties in Southeastern Oklahoma, and Miller County in Arkansas.
Some 98 other club presidents and 4 other District Governors, have validated and confirmed his message many times and, in many ways. The message remains as true today as it did when it was penned in 1921, so, we wish our heartfelt holiday greetings to you, again, on this December 25, 2018! 
“To the people of Marshall and Harrison County I would say first in behalf of Marshall Rotary, that at any greetings at this particular time Is simply an expression from this club of our feelings and sincere wishes every day in the year.
The business standards of Rotary have in them a note of sympathy for all humanity--our business dealings, ambition, and relations always cause us to take into consideration the highest duties to be performed for society.  In every position of business life, in every responsibility that comes before us, our chief thought is to fill that responsibility and discharge that duty in a manner that will help us to feel that we have lifted the level of human ideals and achievements just a little higher than we found them.
Rotary demands fair dealings, honest methods, and high standards in business; no obligation to influence business exist in Rotary; Membership in a Rotary Club is a privilege and opportunity. It’s responsibility demands honest and efficient service, coupled with thoughtfulness of our fellow man. We believe that service is the basis of all business and believe in our motto: ”He profits Most Who Serves Best”,  and feel that we have served Marshall and her people directly and indirectly in a manner satisfactory to all concerned; we wish to say, however at this time, that, in our opinion, Marshall has opportunities knocking at her door today that will mean a great deal to us all if we will only take advantage of it--let’s work and pull together this year and you will be surprised to see what great things can be accomplished.
Business success is not wholly expressed in financial profit.  Confidence, friendliness, and goodwill are active, potent, factors.  As a club and as individuals, we share this element of profit with you, in extending our good wishes and holiday greetings.
Frank Davis, President.”