Posted by Jim Fitzgerald on Sep 28, 2017
Stacy Adams made the initial contact with MISD in October to start a new Interact club at the high school, and has several Members lined up to be Interact Counselors, and the club now has over 25 member signed up, and held its first meeting October 30th.
What is Interact?  Interactors take action, build international understanding, and make new friends around the world.  They develop leadership skills while they discover the power of Service Above Self, and find out how serious leadership can be seriously fun!

What does it mean for our club? 
1. In part it means that we have a fresh resource/partner for some of our own projects and an opportunity to mold future Rotarians in our image.
2. An Interact club is a Rotary club sponsored organization of young people, ages 12 to 18, whose purpose is to provide opportunity for them to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding and leadership development skills.
3. An Interact club is organized, sponsored and supervised by a Rotary club or clubs and is established following the endorsement of the governor and upon certification and recognition by Rotary International; it can be created and sustained in no other way, and its continued existence depends upon the continued sponsorship of its sponsor Rotary club and continued recognition by Rotary International.
4. Each Interact club shall be strongly encouraged to mention after its own name “sponsored by the Rotary club of (name).”
5. Within the framework established by Rotary International, the sponsor Rotary club is responsible for organizing the Interact club and for providing it with guidance and counsel thereafter and has complete control and supervision over all activities, policies, and programs of the Interact club; sponsor Rotary clubs shall determine the meeting format of the Interact club and approve any changes in meeting format.
6. Where the Interact club is school-connected, control and supervision by the sponsor Rotary club shall be exercised in full cooperation with the school authorities, with the understanding that such clubs are subject to the same regulations and policies established by the school authorities for all student organizations and extracurricular activities of the school.
7. All Interact club activities, projects, and programs shall at all times be conducted in harmony with the policies of Rotary International; continued sponsorship of an Interact club by a Rotary club and recognition of it by RI are contingent thereon.