Wesley Jones was president of the Rotary Club of Marshall Texas 1957-58.  A Memorial Resolution as follows was drafted and approved by the club and handed to his precious wife Jeane.  March 26, 2018. 
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WHEREAS,  In a lifetime among us, and to an exemplary degree, he daily lived a life in harmony with the tenets of Rotary, enjoining upon its members the twin precepts of service above self and the test of truth in all human relationships; and
WHEREAS,  In a society of which it truly can be said that no man is an island, his life and  many years of service to his club, his community and his faith are an  enduring example to all who follow; and
WHEREAS,   In the living of such a life he enriched all who knew and loved him, of  whatever station or condition, so that at the end it could be said that he never  spoke ill of any man; and
WHEREAS,   An Omnipotent Divinity, in its inscrutable wisdom, has taken from us our friend and fellow Rotarian, Eugene Wesley Jones, and has denied to his family and to us who knew him the enrichment which additional years would have bestowed;
That this Rotary Club express to his family in this fashion its deep sense of  loss in the untimely passing of our fellow and friend,  and further that a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of the Rotary Club of Marshall, TX and a copy be presented to his family as evidence of its respect and esteem.           
ADOPTED unanimously this 26th day of March, 2018.
ROTARY CLUB of Marshall, TX
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