These benches were originally placed at the area now known as Telegraph Park, which was, at the time, a place for visitors to relax and enjoy the downtown scene, know as "Rotary Park".
There were 4 benches, in total.  When the city took over that area and created the Telegraph Park, the benches were removed and stored at the Sheriff’s secure storage area. They had been pushed to the back of the building and moved, numerous times.
I asked the club for suggestions on where to prominently place them for a visual “advertisement” of Rotary. The benches all have the 4-way test and the Marshall Rotary logo as well as the “ROTARY” stamped in the back rest. The Harrison County Building Maintenance supervisor, Mark Knuckols accepted 2 of the benches to be placed at the front visitors entrance to the courthouse.
They were removed from the storage area, cleaned, and permanently placed in the area on Wednesday, April 12, 2018.
The other 2 are still in storage and waiting for a suitable location to be accepted. One of them has damage to a leg, but could be easily fixed.
For Information please contact Jay Webb.  
Harrison County Sheriff's Office