Posted by Jim Fitzgerald
For your enjoyment, here is an article published in the “Marshall Messenger, November 20, 1925, without comment,:
“After championship claims of long standing on the part of members of the Lions Club and those of the Rotary Club, a golf tournament has been arranged to definitely determine which club may boast the title.
The match promises to be a bitter one by virtue of the disputed honor as and as the result of heated controversies over it. Because of the importance of this match and the fear that chaos might result, it is probable that a force of state rangers and National Guard troops will be in attendance to maintain order,  Since neither club will trust the other in the matter have a arrangements for the tournament, it was declared it is necessary that a number of committees be appointed to look after the clubs, balls, links, paraphernalia, players, and other items, and, the erection of a barbed wire fence for the protection of the players from an over excited gallery is under consideration. The challenge and acceptance follow:
Lions challenge
                       November the 5th 1925
   Mr. Am Howard president,
   Marshall Rotary club
   Marshall Texas
Dear Sir:   Some weeks ago, an alleged challenge for a golf match was received by the Lions club of Marshall, the challenge purporting to come from the Marshall Rotary Club. Investigation disclosed that the challenge lacked authority, having been issued by one Ed Bateman and a certain Gus Carter, who though members of Marshall Rotary, had never been considered as golfers by even their Rotary friends. 
In order to clarify the doubtful situation created as above, the Marshall Lions club, at their regular meeting on Tuesday November 3rd, 1925, instructed me to officially invite Marshall Rotary to engage in a team match at golf with the Marshall Lions, the terms and conditions of the match to be agreed upon at a joint session of committees to be appointed from each club. Realizing the lamentable dissension now existing among the Rotary Golfers on account of the alleged use of an illegal club by one member in a championship match with a brother Rotarian we leave the matter of saleable date open, hoping that time will heal the scars of this controversy.
Very respectably yours,
                              Hobart key President Marshall lions
                               Acceptance by Rotarians
Mr. Hobart key
President Lions Club Marshall Texas
Dear sir:  At the regular meeting of the rotary club on this date, a letter over your signature and bearing the seal of your order, was read in open meeting and the same was construed to be a golf challenge to the Rotary club from the Lions Club.  
By regular procedure, the undersigned was selected to notify your Club that its challenge is accepted and to arrange for a contest at some early date.
The Rotary club regrets the fact that you have chosen to comment on the golf (?) played by Messrs. Bateman and Gus Carter and feels that the injection of personalities into such proceedings is highly unfortunate.  All organizations have some things of which they are not proud and consequently, the Rotary club feels that (the) Lions Club should appreciate its forbearance in refraining from publicly naming the Lions poorest players, even if they could be picked with certainty.
The writer will be glad to meet you at your early convenience, to arrange the details of the match.”