Who will you bring into the club to fill my seat at the table?   The club had a lot of members  with my classification, banking, when Bush Morgan, invited me to join the club in 1990, and now there are only  a few left.  Maybe  the one who replaces me will be  in  banking too.

Who will you get to help Louraiseal pick and choose the Diploma Plus  students and select the Scholarship recipients now that I will no longer be there to help her? Who will fill this vital role now?  I hope it will be  someone who cares for young people as much as I have. 

Who will pick up where I left off with Project Amigo  and  keep the relationship with our sister club alive now?  The needs are no less urgent and the opportunities no less available than when I first searched and found them years ago.  I hope you will find a place for those extended family members in your hearts and prayers.

Who will help you remember the Rotary Foundation in your planned giving, and assist you in making your gift?

Please don’t let the things that mattered to me in Rotary die.


James E. (Jim) Taylor, 1933 - 2011