Can you guess who this Rotarian is?  She joined the Marshall Rotary club in 2002, sponsored by Frank Dias no less.  Well that could be any of about half the current club membership couldn't it?  
Maybe this will help.  She & her husband are avid boaters, having boated in the waters of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma, to Cape Cod; the Chesapeake Bay, through the Dismal Swamp into North Carolina, from the eastern shore of Maryland up through C & D canal to Cape May.  The most memorable experience was their trip to the Bahamas, thru the Bermuda triangle, on their very own 24 foot, single engine boat.  As you might expect, it was sheer terror from start to finish, including a cracked engine block, gas pouring into the bilge, 4-foot seas, running out of gas, and no land in sight.  Well the boat and all aboard survived, as did the marriage, but only after some serious apologizing by the boat's Captain to the first mate.
Have you guessed yet?  No?  Well, it might help to know that she is a NATIVE BORN TEXAN! whose family moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, where she graduated from the GREAT C. E. Byrd High School.  The year of course, is none of your business!  From there she was off to the University of Arkansas where she had spent many summers with aunts, uncles and cousins, and put lots of Arkansas mud between her toes.  Oh, those Arkansas Mountains, those Razorbacks, and those U of A fraternity boys!  Who could want anything more?
Determined to get her "MRS" degree from U of A with a minor in flirting, she and two friends set out in her friend's Volkswagen to scope out the prospects.  But, fate intervened in the form of a seriously fortuitous wreck in front of the engineering fraternity house.  As you might expect, her knight in shining armor, who was an ambulance driver as well as a student came dashing out of the fraternity house and came to her rescue.  He not only saved her life, but swept her off her feet, and stole her heart as well.  Really! that is exactly what happened, believe it or not.  Well, time passed, a call made checking on her "health", notes written, more calls, more notes, and after what seemed like an eternity, HE proposed! The wedding was in the FUMC of Shreveport, after which they started married life in Missouri, a million miles from her family and friends.
Two years later they were searching to get back to the south.  Some think Missouri is south, but not "south" enough for her!  Then, lo and behold, Thiokol, operating the Longhorn Ammunition Plant, hired him and they began their second chapter in Marshall, Texas.   After awhile the federal government decided to “downsize” and the beautiful Longhorn Ammunition plant was no more.  Off they went to Mississippi.  They settled in Brookhaven, Ms and a lovelier town and citizenry they could not have found.  Their six years there gave them many blessings and many lifetime friends.  They never, ever dreamed that God would return them to Marshall, but return they did. 
They have been back in God’s place (her words) now for 9 years.  They have had a wonderful and challenging experience in “retail”.  Been there, done that - have the t-shirts.  Well really, it was fun and got them back into the swing of the more modern Marshall.  Being able to participate in the rebirth of downtown Marshall has been a grand experience for both.  Continuing precious friendships and making new friends have enriched their lives even more.  In the midst of this early life they bought The Merrytime; the ice plant, the ice cream plant and the convenience store on Grand Ave.  He was actually delivering ice at Lake O’ The Pines when second son was on his way on July 4th!  “We were so fortunate to be in partnership with dear friends.”  With a growing family more room was needed and building the addition to their home was challenging- it only took three years!
Surely you have guessed by now.  If not, here is a little more in her own words:
"My professional life has been varied with stints in business and many, many volunteer jobs.  From the Fashion in Shreveport to executive assistant to the president of Emerson Electric in St. Louis; from working for Martin Spangler, owner of Smart Advertising and a Rotarian, managing the Racquet Club, and managing the Design Center in downtown Marshall.  My life changing job was as community educator, and volunteer coordinator for a hospice.  Sharing in those life-ending moments with such interesting people has shaped this latter part of my life.  Now I find that I am most interested in helping those who are in grief make the journey to acceptance."
"We are now enjoying our three children; Doug and his beautiful wife Carmen, Christi and husband David and Troy and his wife Missy.  Christi is controller for Turbine Air Systems and husband David is with El Paso Oil.  Troy (he and Missy graduated from Texas A & M Galveston) is with BP.  And yes he had quite a challenge being marine operations director during the crisis.  Missy is a veterinary o

Troy and  Christi

ncologist an d they are parents to three beautiful children.  Annabel is 5 almost 6, Ethan is 4 and Amelia (Mel-Mel) is 2.   Christi’s twins, Katie and Emily, are 9 almost 10, Savannah (her stepdaughter and ours too) is also 9 almost 10 and just last month Christi and David gifted us with beautiful Claire."


A perfect life, right?  Wrong!  Read on as she explains:
"Then surprise!  I am diagnosed with “histiocytoma sarcoma” - a tumor in my left leg.  For some history let me tell you that really the very frightening event in our lives was when our oldest son Doug was diagnosed with a sarcoma (CANCER) when he was a senior in high school.  After a year and a half of chemo treatment and surgery he is a survivor!   He is married and is a special investigator for an insurance company.  He is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin and is funny, thoughtful and a great friend.  And watches over us although we are way not old enough for that!" 
"Well here came that dreaded diagnosis for me.  M. D. Anderson treated Doug’s cancer and what a success!  Would I go anyplace else?  Well, no!  It did help that all of our children live in Houston so living there for months was not really a problem.  Five of six required chemo treatment, 25 radiation treatments and surgery find me almost 5 years out in very good health.  In November I will begin making only annual check-up trips.  God is so good."
"To us, this life has been a grand adventure.  No more an adventure than many.  But, each life brings joy and sadness, challenge and defeat, love and loss.  I am blessed to be elected president of The Rotary Club of Marshall.  This honor definitely goes into the “joy” column.  Thank you for your confidence and trust."  
Linda “Plunk” Plunkett Endicott, President 2011-12
AND, "Sir" John (The White Knight) Endicott
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